CTC Connections solutions provide flexibility and scalability for telecommunication and data network service providers by helping navigate the complex information and communications technology environment. Our comprehensive solutions are ideal for enterprises and small and mid-sized service providers that need to cost effectively roll out, operate, and manage new service deployments.

Mobility Solutions

A comprehensive wireless networks and operations solutions for service providers that are either resource constrained or do not have the expertise in their own organization. We tailor our mobility solutions for operators that need to upgrade an existing network, start fresh at a new location, or connect multiple sites.

Mobility Solutions

The four phases include:

Design and Build: Expertise in transmission and radio network planning, design, and integration of CDMA, GSM, GPRS/EDGE, W-CDMA, WiMAX, 3G, 4G/LTE networks.

Operate & Manage: Provide monitoring, pilot program management, fault management, performance and configuration management of your mobility network.

Knowledge Transfer: Create a transition plan to transfer knowledge and operational responsibility.

Evaluation: 6-12 month review to make change as needed to control CAPEX and lower OPEX cost to operate and manage your mobile network.

Mobile Backhaul Solutions

Mobile Backhaul Solutions

With proven technical expertise, CTC Connections is uniquely positioned to designed backhaul networks that offer increased capacity at lower cost to meet the rising demand for mobile broadband services. To keep pace with the sharp increase in bandwidth requirements, operators need a scalable, multi-service transport network to support of all mobile generations including GSM/EDGE, 3G, and 4G/LTE.


Offers a flexible backhaul solution to support any access - TDM, Ethernet, ATM, Microwave, IP/MPLS, and SDH/SONET.

Increases network optimization and capacity to improve cost per bit transported over a less costly, and more reliable network.

Leverages on our solution architecture approach to deliver a resilient, highly reliable, and optimized network.

Seamless infrastructure integration to meet operator business and technical objectives.

Enables the cost effective delivery of new services requiring high bandwidth and superior QoS.

By combining mobile network and open architecture software-centric solutions, our experts develop and implement end-to-end mobile network solutions that are aligned with operator business and technical objectives to ensure your organization benefits from a maximum return on investments, while minimizing risk.

RF Planning Solutions

RF Planning Solutions

Whether you are starting a wireless network from scratch and using green field sites or expanding/optimizing your existing network, CTC Connections can help you in coming up with the best coverage and performance solutions. With in-depth knowledge of the radio propagation environment and practical experience of the limitations of site acquisition and other legal, market and economic drivers, we can design the most sophisticated RAN to meet your unique requirements. Whether you are building or expanding 2/2.5G, 3G or 4G/LTE networks, we can design, build, optimize and operate your wireless network most economically.

Core Network Solutions

Core Network Switching CS (Core Switch) or IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystems) solution offers the design, deployment, optimization, troubleshooting, operation, and support of the core network. Whether you are building a network for a few thousand people or a few million, CTC Connections can help you design the optimally sized and configured core network elements interoperable with multivendor equipment including but not limited to Nokia, Ericsson, Alcatel and Others. Our experts will help you design and choose the core network supplier and interface with the public telephone regulators to ensure compatibility and support.

Core Network Solutions

Core Network Planning Solutions offering includes:





IMS: HSS, TAS, CSCF, BGCF/MGCF, CMTS, SIP, SCCP, Diameter, Sigtran, Radius, H.248, and TCAP

North American regulatory standards and practices i.e. E911, CALEA and lawful intercept protocols.

Large scale core network deployments, network and system designs.

Converged Payment Gateway

Converged Payment Gateway

Instant, Efficient and Scalable payment solutions enable services providers deploying IP based multimedia communications to benefit from end-to-end charging in converged networks. Our converged payment solutions collect charging information from IP core and application nodes correlates these events with QoS provisioning schemes achieving scalable charging for IP based multimedia communications. Our modular converged payment solutions utilize simpler accounting mechanisms that cater for data volumes, duration of usage to support IP based multimedia nodes and legacy charging methods.

Benefits and Features:

Fully compliant, 3GPP and PCI standards

Support for all networks, including WiMAX, UMTS, Packet Switch and Legacy Systems

Offline charging for multiple services like VoIP, WLAN, GSM, UMTS and VPN

Wide variety configurations to support charging gateway functionalities

Best-effort data traffic management to meet diverse service provider preferences

Scalable accounting mechanisms that cater for QoS levels