As a world leader in deployment of information and communications technology solutions, we have extensive experience with multi-industry and multi-technology systems. All our solutions are eco-friendly in most markets and ensure your network is reliable, secure, flexible, and scalable while minimizing costs.

By combining network and user-centric views, we offer our services to:

By Industry


Fixed & Mobile Operators: Managing communication networks can present significant challenges for companies of all sizes. Fixed and Mobile service providers benefit from our broad range of multi-technology solutions that simplify network administration, reduce operational costs, and increase efficiency. By introducing new concepts and streamlining work flow, we design, and deploy CDMA, GSM, GPRS/EDGE, W-CDMA, WiMAX, 3G, 4G/LTE networks complete with RF, Core and Transmission planning. Service providers benefit from proven methodologies that ensure quick, effective, and reliable performance to keep your operations running to the highest standards and optimal efficiency.

Energy: Drawing on our information technology expertise, we help energy operators improve pipeline and offshore communications. We create frequency plans for terrestrial microwave systems and satellite earth stations to ensure continuous real-time data flow from remote sites. We also assist energy operators migrate aging networks and services from scratch to new projects that are designed for security, reliability, and meet strict environmental regulations.


Government: Our solutions help governments worldwide navigate a complex information and communications technology environment. By matching the right technology needed, government agencies benefit from reliable solutions and increase productivity in a secure environment. By designing and deploying digitally encrypted technology solutions for remote locations, central governments and local authorities streamline operations and increase administrative efficiency.

Transportation: Demand on public and private transportation systems has rapidly increased and operators need to optimize customer service and lower costs. We design and implement network management systems that increase operational efficiency and seamless communication between control centers, emergency services, and staff. By drawing on our expertise in vendor negotiation, selection of network hardware and network design services transport operators reduce maintenance costs while adapting to trends in the transport industry.


By Technology

Process Integration: Rely on our expertise for the evolving consolidation and virtualization of network resources, and the resulting requirements for a highly scalable, resilient, and secure network foundation. We help service providers integrate information and communication systems that enhance customer satisfaction while delivering new services. By monitoring all network systems from a central location our solution experts, provide guidance through the integration process within the agreed scope of work, period, and budget. We help manage the planning and designing of secure access systems for enterprises to achieve business success by recommending vendor equipment to support new services. Our open architecture solutions accelerate and secure automated processed that reduce errors and manage compliance issues.

Network Infrastructure: As network traffic continues to increase, or as new technologies are introduced your enterprise needs to deliver higher-performance, higher-bandwidth services over your network, and by extension to the users of your network. CTC Connections Network Infrastructure Solutions allow your enterprise to “right-size” your network for current and future scaling and performance requirements, through a proven systemic approach that allows to deploy solutions on time and on budget. Along, with the network intelligence and capacity headroom to operate efficiently no “one-size-fits-all” solution will accommodate the varying performance, scalability, capacity, and budgetary requirements of every enterprise. Our strategy is to provide customers with a choice of network infrastructure solutions, offered in a variety of form factors and price-to-performance ratios.