CTC Connections provides industry-leading solutions that address our customers network operations requirements, including consultation, integration, migration, deployment, and management of operations. As a leader in information technology solutions for service providers and strategic industries such as energy, transportation and governments, our end-to-end solutions provide the framework for a high quality, highly secure, and predictable network, while minimizing operational costs.

Our Mission

To use our expertise to extend communications network technology far beyond applying state-of-the-art operations, processes and tools, but enable new service deployment, greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Our Vision

To enable the highest quality information and communications technology experience among people at a distance.

Our Values

Customer Service: Every employee is responsible for providing great customer service. Our success requires listening to our customers and the ability to deliver our services to fit their business.

Teamwork: The team approach is our profound commitment to those we ultimately serve. We respect the contributions of each person for helping create a positive impact on the team's success.

Respect: We exist to serve our global customers with many cultures. We are professional and embrace people and perspectives from all over the world.

Accountability: We stand for dedication to principles and a commitment to deliver our services on time and on-target.

Market Advantage

Leveraging on our experience, we have completed several infrastructure projects globally. Not only can we provide network solutions and consult on the most suitable IT technology, but also through our global strategic Technology Partners, we offer import/export services to deliver communication network hardware complete with logistics and local support. The company's geographic regions are the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. CTC Connections full suite of service management, network management and core services help our global customers incorporate intelligent network solutions aligned with operator specific regional needs that support mission critical information technology systems across time, location and applications.