CTC Connections offers information technology solutions for telecommunication and data network service providers including design, service management implementation, and neutral audits. We specialize in advising in the most suitable all-IP based solution for the communication and data technology industry, particularly Business Support Systems and Operations Support Systems. Whether your enterprise is large or small, our solutions are tailored to your business needs and give you the reassurance of a stable, secure, and high-performing communications infrastructure across diverse environments.

Professional Services

Rely on our expert service that offers a combination of practical experience within the operational environments of companies, and the definition, design and implementation of various infrastructure solutions in the information and communications technology industry. Our experience enables us to effectively plan, implement, and tailor our solutions to meet operator business needs, while minimizing operational costs.

Enterprise Solutions

As service providers and enterprises transform to deliver less costly, less complex, and more reliable networks, we assist operators with vendor negotiation and selection of network hardware. Our solutions help operators navigate the complex information and communications technology environment, and benefit from simplified network solutions and maximum return on investment, while minimizing risks.

Multivendor Support

Gain a competitive advantage with cost- effective technologies you need to manage and expand your enterprise. We combine our data network and service expertise to propose the best solution that is affordable without any compromise on reliability, features, and flexibility. Your enterprise gains the advantages of adaptable solutions to keep pace with technology innovation.

Unified Communications

To thrive in the NOW Economy enterprises are being challenged by the evolving communications needs for agile IT and network platforms. We address the competitive need to accelerate blended services that reduce costs, improve employee efficiency and customer collaboration. Your customers’ benefit from the full power of voice services and connectivity resulting from efficient, integrated and unified communications.